The Hot Girl Paradox

Hot but never good enough

Girl stressed by hands that wear makeup

The second aspect of the hot girl paradox is that, because people think she’s hot, she shouldn’t have any flaws. She knows that, because she’s hot, there will be plenty of people looking for her flaws so they can tear her down for them.

For evidence of this, look at any celebrity magazine. The celebrities who are considered hot are the celebrities whose body parts are being magnified to show their imperfections, which are loudly proclaimed across the page: “LOOK, SHE’S NOT SO HOT AFTER ALL, SEE?”

That’s what the hot girl knows is happening to her, all day, every day. It makes her super, hyper aware of how she looks at all times. It makes her paranoid and scared to look anything other than as good as she can, just to try and avoid the criticism, which she can feel, even if she can’t always hear. She sees flaws before anyone else does, and in her mind they become huge and all-encompassing. After all, she’s supposed to be the hot girl, that’s what the world keeps telling her, but she knows she’s not really hot, because she has these flaws. She feels like an impostor, always about to be found out. The bigger the flaws get, the stranger it seems that she’s considered hot, and she feels totally disconnected from it.

Written by Kate Rawdon

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