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    5 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Start a Business

    5 things you need to start a business

    With the tools and platforms available nowadays, it seems like anyone is capable of starting a business. However, there’s more to it than just being capable, and there are a lot of factors that can make or break your chances. Those who don’t prepare at the very start will ultimately end up losing everything much […]

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    Manscaping – Shaving, Waxing and a Better Way


    Soft, gentle and silky smooth, is that what we’re meant to be these days? Come on ffs, we’re men! And we don’t care what the looney left are saying. Here we won’t stand for the pussyfication of men (you can read what we think about that, here). Men are meant to be men, and women […]

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    Invest in Whiskey – I’ll drink to that!

    Invest in Whiskey

    The world of investing is becoming increasingly complicated. Options like Forex and stock trading seem simple on the surface, sure, but high-frequency trading, news events, and social-media-fueled market bubbles make even the most basic trades uncertain. Cryptocurrency comes with its own set of headaches, from high transaction fees, long wait times on transactions, and the […]

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    How to Survive Your First Game of Golf

    Game og golf

    Golf is a funny game. You have to hit a small ball with a metal club into a cup-sized hole in as few shots as possible. You also have to spend hours on the practice greens and driving ranges to hone your skills, and it’s often a long drive just to get to a course. […]

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    Shorts for men

    Men’s shorts are officially in. Long gone are the days when shorts for men were seen as uncool or juvenile. You might even find them being worn around the office. It’s officially ‘sky’s out, thighs out season’, and men are thanking the fashion gods for the freedom to let their legs breathe.  The rise in […]

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    7 Online Businesses You Can Start in 24 Hours or Less

    The internet has made so many things not only possible but downright simple. One of those things is starting a business. It could take days, weeks, or months to get a new business off the ground in the past. With the internet, you can start an online business in a few hours. Here are 7 […]

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    Online and Locally Based Small Business Ideas to Try in 2021

    online and locally based small business ideas

    Usually, business trends emerge slowly over time. But with the big changes of 2020, came the huge trend towards online business. There was also a surge in the movement to support our local business, which was great for us small business Entrepreneurs. Now that we are slowly finding our new version of normality, the love […]

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    Recreational viagra – Is it a Good Idea? Let’s Find Out

    recreational viagra is it a good idea

    Recreational viagra, editors intro… Why and how is it that men from a certain age seem to get bombarded with emails about ED and viagra. Is it that ED is that common for men, and so I suppose the real question is at what time in his life does a man stop getting hard? Well, […]

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    Beard Grooming Tips: How to Groom a Beard this Winter

    beard grooming tips - how to groom your beard this winter

    Growing a beard needs a one-time effort but grooming your beard style is a full-time job. When you already have a great beard, the only thing you need to do so groom it. Now, grooming a beard includes various items such as shampooing, conditioning, oiling, and combing your facial hair from time to time. However, […]

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