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    5 Tips to Decrease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness [DOMS]

    5 Tips to Decrease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

    If you’ve been to the gym recently, you may still remember that stinging, burning sensation you felt the next day. It’s one for the things that stops a lot of people from going back fro another session. This feeling is called DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. While the cause of DOMS is not certain, […]

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    Don’t Let Winter Win: Essential Men’s Fashion Pieces for 2019

    Essential Men’s Fashion Pieces for 2019

    It’s that time of year again when you need to take a look at what you’ve got to wear ready for the cold months, so here are some essential men’s fashion pieces for 2019. Winter weather requires you to wear something warm, at least unless you’re one of those tough open water swimmers who likes […]

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    The Spy in Your Pocket – Your Phone is Listening to You

    Your phone is listening to you

    Question – Have you ever had a conversation with your husband, wife or partner while you were alone in the house only to find you get an ad or video pop up on your phone promoting a product or offering more information on the very thing you were talking about? There’s only one way for […]

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    Paranoia or Preparedness – Should every man have a bug out bag?

    bug out bag

    If you’ve been watching the news of late you’ll know that there have been and are a few natural diasters going on around the world. The wild fires in CaliforniaThe bush fires in AustraliaThe flooding in the north of England And throughout this year there have been other across the globe that have taken lives […]

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    How to Get Yourself Free If You Fall Through the Ice

    How to survive if you fall through the ice

    This is information every man should know. How to get yourself free if you fall through the ice. It’s not knowledge that you, thankfully, will need to use every day, it’s the type of knowledge that you tuck away in the “how the hell do I know that” part of your brain that will surface […]

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    Leg Day and Why You Don’t Skip it

    Don't skip leg day

    Do you ever find yourself slacking on leg day because you’re mostly focused on your upper body development? If so, then you just signed up to hit legs twice this week! Just kidding. Seriously though, your leg workout is extremely important for the entirety of your fitness gains, not just your lower body. Here are […]

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