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    Collagen Benefits for Arthritis Sufferers

    collagen benefits for arthritis sufferers

    Occasionally, some products draw people’s attention because they are advertised as super effective in treating some medical conditions. One of them is collagen. Today we are exploring whether it is as beneficial for arthritis as we are led to believe, and will find out the main collagen benefits. Having any kind of medical problem, even […]

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    The Pussyfication of Men – Warning! Certificate RM (Real Man only) – Not politically correct

    Pussyfication of men

    Remember when men were men. Rugged and well built? When men were protectors, providers, and problem solvers. When men, who would get shit done, didn’t winge about it if they broke a nail, messed up their hair, or got a blister, coz they had to do a job of work. You know, real men? No… […]

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    Can I Become a Millionaire with Bitcoin?

    Become a Millionaire with Bitcoin

    With many of us being on a Furlow from work with the possibility of being made permanently redundant, it makes sense to look for a new way to make a living, and once again there is a growing interest in Bitcoin as a money-making answer. Most people have heard of Bitcoin and how it made […]

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    How to Haggle for a New or Used Car

    How to Haggle for a New or Used Car

    Knowing how to haggle for a new or used car is a simple skill to learn. And here’s a fact of life – The two most expensive purchases/investments you make in your life are your houses and your car. And you should NEVER pay the full price for either. It’s virtually a given that you […]

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    10 of the Madest Combat Sports From Around The World

    Madest Combat Sports From Around The World

    Here are 10 of the madest combat sports from around the world. In the video below some of the sports, you’ll see make you wonder why anyone would “play” them. Some are just crazy, some are not for the faint-hearted and a couple of them are pure entertainment for a red-blooded male to watch and […]

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    Symptoms and Impact on Sexual Performance of Diabetes that Men Need to Know

    Symptoms of diabetes in men

    Symptoms of diabetes in men can vary. There might not be many men who think that impotence can turn out to be one of the symptoms of diabetes, but these symptoms, in the end, can have an impact on male sexual performance. So, for men who experience sexual performance disorders, don’t immediately reach for the […]

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    How do you Strengthen your Immune System?

    How to strengthen your immune system

    In this article, we’re going to explore some of the things you can do to strengthen your immune system. Never in modern living memory has this been as important as it is now. And if you are your family’s only breadwinner then you should make every effort to keep your self fit and healthy. As […]

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    How to Cook a Steak Like a Pro

    How to cook a steak like a pro

    Man+fire+meat+beer the four things every man needs to cook a steak like a pro. Well, almost… You see the thing is, and once the beer is flowing, we men just “know” how to cook the perfect steak until a friend, your partner or your kids ask you to cook it in a way that differs […]

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