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    Do You Need Tires?

    Do you need tires

    A post from automotive journalist Henry Cesari – His author bio is at the end. Your tires are the most critical component of your car: No other part of your vehicle can work if your tires do not do their job. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples: If your tire tread is too shallow, […]

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    3 Positive Habits You Should Form While Working From Home

    3 positive habits you should form while working from home

    When quarantine started, nobody knew what to do or how long it was going to last. Between Zoom fatigue and the absence of in-person social interaction, it can be easy to get into a routine of junk food, oversleeping, and mind-numbing hours of television. Know that we’re all getting used to the new norm of […]

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    Have you joined the cycling revolution? How do you find the best cycle route?

    How do you find the best cycle route

    By Catherine Bedford, Dashel You can see it wherever you go – or simply when looking out of your window – cycling has enjoyed a massive resurgence and become more popular than ever since the beginning of lockdown. People are dusting off old bikes to enjoy the outdoors and now, with more people returning to […]

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    Was the Coronavirus Pandemic Predicted or Planned?

    Was the Coronavirus Pandemic Predicted or Planned

    Was the Coronavirus Pandemic Predicted or Planned? We’d be interested in your opinion on this but in this article I’m going to set out some of the arguments for if the coronavirus pandemic predicted or planned. The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus. — Joshua Lederberg Hindsight is […]

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    How to Build a Low-Cost Unconventional Home Gym

    How to Build a Low-Cost Unconventional Home Gym

    Many people have a lot on their plates between working shifts, dropping kids off at their schools, finding time to relax, and spend time with family and friends. Working out in a gym is usually a pastime, while for some — a necessary measure for sound health. This article will show how to build a […]

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    Collagen Benefits for Arthritis Sufferers

    collagen benefits for arthritis sufferers

    Occasionally, some products draw people’s attention because they are advertised as super effective in treating some medical conditions. One of them is collagen. Today we are exploring whether it is as beneficial for arthritis as we are led to believe, and will find out the main collagen benefits. Having any kind of medical problem, even […]

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    The Pussyfication of Men – Warning! Certificate RM (Real Man only) – Not politically correct

    Pussyfication of men

    Remember when men were men. Rugged and well built? When men were protectors, providers, and problem solvers. When men, who would get shit done, didn’t winge about it if they broke a nail, messed up their hair, or got a blister, coz they had to do a job of work. You know, real men? No… […]

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    Can I Become a Millionaire with Bitcoin?

    Become a Millionaire with Bitcoin

    With many of us being on a Furlow from work with the possibility of being made permanently redundant, it makes sense to look for a new way to make a living, and once again there is a growing interest in Bitcoin as a money-making answer. Most people have heard of Bitcoin and how it made […]

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