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    10 of the Madest Combat Sports From Around The World

    Madest Combat Sports From Around The World

    Here are 10 of the madest combat sports from around the world. In the video below some of the sports, you’ll see make you wonder why anyone would “play” them. Some are just crazy, some are not for the faint-hearted and a couple of them are pure entertainment for a red-blooded male to watch and […]

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    Symptoms and Impact on Sexual Performance of Diabetes that Men Need to Know

    Symptoms of diabetes in men

    Symptoms of diabetes in men can vary. There might not be many men who think that impotence can turn out to be one of the symptoms of diabetes, but these symptoms, in the end, can have an impact on male sexual performance. So, for men who experience sexual performance disorders, don’t immediately reach for the […]

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    How do you Strengthen your Immune System?

    How to strengthen your immune system

    In this article, we’re going to explore some of the things you can do to strengthen your immune system. Never in modern living memory has this been as important as it is now. And if you are your family’s only breadwinner then you should make every effort to keep your self fit and healthy. As […]

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    How to Cook a Steak Like a Pro

    How to cook a steak like a pro

    Man+fire+meat+beer the four things every man needs to cook a steak like a pro. Well, almost… You see the thing is, and once the beer is flowing, we men just “know” how to cook the perfect steak until a friend, your partner or your kids ask you to cook it in a way that differs […]

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    Fire Building for Survival: An Essential Guide

    Fire building for survival: An Essential Guide

    If you have ever experienced camping, you know that having a blazing fire is essential. What you might not know is that there are different types of fire, depending on the situation you find yourself, the purpose of the fire and the amount of wood at your disposal. Now, what if you find yourself and […]

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    Learn The Rule Of Threes – Vital For Survival Outdoors

    The rule of threes

    In the wilderness, the human body is fragile. Make one false step, and you could be falling off a cliff to your death. It is also incredibly strong: men have survived in the wild for days, weeks and even months with nothing more than the clothes on their back. But just how much can our […]

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    10 Valuable Tips for Predator Hunting

    predator hunting

    If you are looking to experience one of hunting’s biggest thrills, then it’s time to man up and head to the hills for some predator hunting. When you are not busy hunting small game, waterfowl, bird, or big-game, raise your hunting game and gear up to start hunting coyotes, wolves, fox, hogs, and other predators. […]

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    The Science of Building Muscle and Gaining Mass

    Science of Building Muscle and Gaining Mass

    This guide is for you if you are looking to get big, strong, and build some serious muscle. Follow these tips, don’t give up, workout hard and you will achieve your goals. There is no person in this world who cannot gain muscle, whether you are skinny, fat, or genetically lesser than others. This is […]

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