7 First Date Tips for Men

7 first date tips for men

Following on from Tracy’s 10 body language signs that she like you more than a friend , here’s her advice for when you go on that first date… MWHQ Editor

Okay, so you’ve made contact with a girl, you think you’ve got a shot, you ask her out and she says yes! Way to go… now what?

Here are 7 first date tips for men that will get you to at least a second date

First dates are basically like job interviews but (maybe?) a little less high stakes. There’s pressure to keep the conversation going and the looming threat of awkwardness is tough to ignore. So if you’re wondering how to put your best foot forward on a first date, here’s one woman’s first date advice for men:

first date tips for men
  • Start with a compliment.

Yes, it’s a little cliche, but trust me. The girl you are about to hang out with has probably shaved her legs, spent an hour doing her hair and makeup, and changed three times. And even if she didn’t, saying that a girl looks great gives her a little confidence boost that might put her more at ease. Remember, she’s probably nervous too!

  • Ask questions.

The best way to start a conversation is to get a person talking about something they’re passionate about. Ask what her favorite thing to do is or what her best memory is. Ask about her dog! When her face lights up, you’ve struck gold.

  • Answer questions.

Keep in mind that she’s there to learn about you too! Don’t tone down your personality too much, there’s a reason she agreed to go on a date with you. She’s trying to figure out what makes you tick, so answer her questions and elaborate a little bit to keep the conversation going.

Written by Tracy Lovell

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