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  • invest in diamonds

    How to invest in diamonds

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but are they a retail investor’s best friend? In terms of rarity, diamonds are the rarest gemstones in the world. So, in that sense diamonds are precious. But, not all diamonds are investment-grade commodities. Diamonds used in rings start depreciating almost instantly the moment you walk out of the […] More

  • How to get free cryptocurrency

    How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole have been the talk of the town for a few years now, especially when it comes to easy ways to either multiply your money or lose it all. However, the volatile price is a turn-off for many curious casual investors who would rather put their money into something safe. […] More

  • Invest in gold for beginners

    How to invest in gold for beginners

    There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to start thinking about securing his future. Because let’s face it, time can be a cruel taskmaster on your body, and if you’ve got one of the top 10 jobs that need balls to do then retirement is something to look forward too. That […] More

  • investing in electric cars

    Is the smart money investing in electric cars?

    There is no doubt that in the not too distant future the only cars rolling off the car manufacturteres assembly lines will be electic battery powered cars. So, if you’re looking to invest some of your money to secure your financial future, the question is should we be investing in electric cars? It sounds like […] More

  • 7 habits to get rich

    7 Habits That Will Help You Become Rich

    Becoming rich is not a matter of luck. Those who become wealthy are highly committed to what they do and work really hard to reach their desired goals. Rich people have the courage to create a life they want. They don’t wait for things to happen. Almost anyone can become rich, because it’s the habits […] More

  • Investing in Bitcoin

    Should You Invest in Bitcoin If You Aren’t a Financial Expert?

    You have probably heard some of the hype about Bitcoin in the last year or two. This digital currency has gained a tremendous amount of value recently, making many new millionaires in the process. On the other hand, there is a lot of controversy around Bitcoin’s long-term prospects. If you aren’t a professional investor, should […] More

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    Are You Getting Money All Wrong?

    Are you getting money all wrong? Read the biographies of most super-wealthy entrepreneurs, and you’ll be refreshed to find that more than a few have known the rigour of living pay check to pay check, or in some cases no check to no check. What distinguishes them, however, is that they recognised a trap and […] More