Your 9 Essential Summer BBQ Gadgets

Man,Fire,Meat = BARBECUE!

barbecue gadgets

There used to be a time when a man’s backyard barbecue reputation was based on how high the flames reached and how deep the char penetrated the meat’s raw center. Those days are gone. Lost too is the time when grilling meant just hot dogs, burgers and perhaps a steak, with green relish as the vegetarian offering. Today, the options are abundant for a lazy afternoon of gourmet grilling, wowing guests with the sear on your tofu, the crunch of your kale, or the depth of flavor on your black cod marinade. With these gadgets, you’ll look like a maestro…


Man Apron

Special Forces typically go into the hot zone wearing at least 60 pounds of gear. You can kit up in similar fashion with a single apron sewn with pockets for all the essentials: tongs, cloth and beer. A plain apron in non-flammable material will do the job of catching any fat spatters, but it won’t cut the mustard entirely. To go full Zero Dark Thirty, make sure your apron carries an ‘amusing’ slogan that riffs on the comic potential of meat and butts.

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Written by Nick Marshall

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