Top 7 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know

A light-hearted look at the skills every man should know before the SHTF

Top 7 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know

More than three million people in the US now identify themselves as ‘preppers’, also known as ‘survivalists’. A series on National Geographic trained a spotlight on their world – handgun practice after school, pantries stocked with enough dry and canned goods to feed a cruise ship, and a preference for camouflage clothing at all times. This is a movement primed for ‘WSHTF’ (something to do with human waste colliding with ventilation) – that moment when society collapses and they can finally grab a bug-out bag, retreat to a shelter, and start picking off marauding zombies, bankers or encyclopedia salesmen with a fearsome range of weaponry.

But not everyone has the time to build a submerged nuclear bunker in their backyard, or the budget to stockpile a year’s worth of pineapple chunks. When the apocalypse comes, use our handy guide to see you through those awkward moments…

Written by Nick Marshall

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