A Sex Re-Education Guide For Us Men

Guys Kate is really kickin ass with this one – Listen up!

sex re-education

Men and women are different in so many ways that it’s no wonder we sometimes have trouble understanding each other – and that’s what I’m trying to help with every time I write something for this fantastic site. Here is your sex re-education

A sexy problem


Well, those differences really come out when it comes to sex. We’re built so differently, and we’re so keen to please each other, that sex can be fraught with all kinds of misunderstandings.

And then there’s the ever-present racy magazines and websites so readily available to us. Without getting into any argument about the rights and wrongs of this kind of material, I can tell you this much: most women who have watched a woman getting off in a suggestive video have thought “yeah, right”, as all that pounding seems to lead her to an incredible climax.

The really scary thing is that some men do think that’s the best way to approach sex – hard and fast. But the truth is that those kinds of videos are aimed squarely at men rather than women because hard and fast is something that usually works for you, but it rarely works for us.

Written by Kate Rawdon

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