body language signs she likes you more than a friend

If you’re single or just re-entering the dating arena after being out of the game for a while those first few dates can be pretty awkwark…

signs she likes you more than a friend

And seeing all the signs she likes you more than a friend are tough to spot if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, Tracy has got a few pointers for us. Over to you Tracy – MWHQ Editor

Figuring out if a girl actually likes you is like trying to solve a Rubix cube, blindfolded, with your hands tied behind your back. To be fair, figuring out if a person of either sex likes you back is no picnic. But if you’re currently in the “friend zone” and looking to take the next step or you’ve made a connection and aren’t sure if it’s mutual, there are a few ways you can tell if a girl is into you and looking at her body language is a good way to start. These are 10 signs she likes you more than a friend and she’s into you based on how she’s acting.

1. She makes eye contact.

The number one way a girl will let you know that she’s interested in talking to you is by making eye contact. If she catches your eye, holds contact, and continues talking to you, she’s most likely interested in the encounter and by extension, you!

2. She chooses a seat close to you.

If you’re in a group setting, it can be tougher to gauge whether or not a girl likes you. You’re surrounded by friends and there are a lot of people who are taking up her attention. However, if you find that she always chooses a seat next to you or tends to stand close to you rather than others, it’s a good indicator that she’s into you.

3. She initiates physical contact.

If you’re talking to a girl and she touches your knee, shoulder, or arm, it’s basically guaranteed that she is attracted to you. Initiating physical contact is one of the clearest signs that she is attracted to you. So if this is a person who greets you with a hug rather than a wave, it’s likely that she looks at you as more than a friend.

body language that she likes you

4. She mirrors your behaviors. 


This is actually a sign that both guys and girls have. It’s a subconscious reaction we all have when we like someone. If you notice that she leans in when you do, relaxes when you do, takes a sip of her drink than you do, it’s a good indicator that she’s enjoying your company.

5. She lingers.

If you’re noticing that you tend to walk to your cars at the same time and she slows down a bit as you get closer to them as if she doesn’t want to leave… you’re probably right! She’s trying to spend just a little bit of extra time around you

6. She plays with her hair.

For lots of girls, this is a nervous habit, which means she might be nervous around you. It’s also a sign that she might have thought about you playing with her hair, which definitely means you’ve been on her mind.


how to tell if a girl like you

7. She turns her body toward you.

This is another subconscious sign. If she’s open towards you, then her arms will be relaxed and not crossed and she’ll be turned towards you. This is called open posture, and it indicates that she is open to you and your interactions!

8. She stands taller.

If a girl is into you, she’s probably going to make herself look as appealing as possible around you. This goes beyond makeup and hair choices. She’ll stand tall and likely have really good posture around you as a way to “preen” sort of like a peacock. And you’ll probably be doing the same thing.

9. She smiles.

This is a little obvious, but if a girl is smiling really big when you’re talking to her, it’s a very good sign. If you catch her smiling at you when you’re not looking or you walk up to her and her face lights up, she’s probably excited to see you.

signs she like you more than a friend

10. She makes the first move.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll walk up to you and ask for your number. But it’s likely that she might catch your eye and smile or find a way to make contact. In fact, researchers have found that women are typically the first to make a move, although typically it’s a subtle move. So if a girl in a bar keeps catching your eye, it’s probably an indication that you can make a move.

Dating life is never easy, and of course, rejection is always a risk, but if you notice several of these signs in the right context, you’re probably on the right track! And if you’re looking for one woman’s opinion on how to make the approach, here’s a tip: be nice, be respectful, and if you misread the signs, laugh it off. It makes you much more attractive if you handle rejection gracefully… and as an added bonus all of our female friends will notice how great you are about it!

Note from the editor – One of the biggest fears we men must face when dating again is a rejection, but it’s part of the dating game. So, accept that it will happen and just enjoy the company of the fairer sex without expectations. It’ll make you a nice guy. But always look out for the signs that she likes you more than a friend.