Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

There’s a common misconception that I’m going to help clear up right now, which is that girls don’t like nice guys, and nice guys need to change into not-nice guys to get laid.

Being a nice guy will supposedly see you get left behind in the dust, while the woman you like runs away with a douchebag who will treat her badly and ruin her life, with any luck leading to her regretting she didn’t take you up on your offer to be her nice guy boyfriend.

If this sounds like a story you’ve ever been told, we need to talk, because no woman ever turned down a guy because he was too nice. No emotionally stable woman, anyway.

The problem here is that the concept of being nice has been totally hijacked by the worst kind of guys, the kind of guys who will tell you that being nice is pointless, and works against you when it comes to women.

Neither I, nor any other woman on the planet, wants this myth to be perpetuated.

Written by Kate Rawdon

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