The Hot Girl Paradox

What is the hot girl paradox?

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The hot girl paradox is based on the theory that the hot girl is both cursed and blessed by her hotness, that she’s praised and shamed for it, and that she’s encouraged to play it up and hide it away, all at the same time. The result can be one serious headfuck that means she’s probably more messed up than you are.

To explain this better, let’s look at a simple truth that you may or may not know, but almost every woman will admit is true: before people get to know us, we women are often first and foremost judged by how we measure up to the ideal image of a woman. And I don’t mean just by men, but by women too. In fact, often more by other women, because we’re all so aware that the world wants to judge us by how we look, so we’re hyper aware not only of how we look but also how other women look.

Sure, as a man you might have experienced feeling a bit shitty in the presence of a better-looking man, or you might have felt judged by your good looks or your not-good-enough looks, but the bottom line is that you will probably never know what it feels like to have the whole world want to judge you that way above – and despite – everything else you’ve got going on.

There might be some male equivalent – like if you feel the world judges you by how important you are at work or how much money you earn, and that’s shitty too – but it’s not about your personal physical being. That will mess with your head.

Written by Kate Rawdon

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