Gym Rat Blues

gym mistakes

The gym, depending on where you get your sweat on, might be the last bastion of macho manliness that you’re going to find. Sure, you might have a barber that lets you smoke cigars and pours you a scotch, but you’re still paying him a bunch of cash for that hip cut you’ve got to have.

The gym on the other hand is a place where you can bond with men and get a workout so you look good for the ladies – or the other men — if that’s your thing. While that’s all well and good, most guys don’t have any damn training when it comes to working out.

Maybe you read a book or an article in GQ and now you’re considering a career as a personal trainer once you get all buffed up. Back up buddy – you’re probably doing a whole host of things wrong in the gym, and if you’re like most dudes, you’re not going to ask for any help.

I can’t fix all of your fucking problems for you, but I can help correct some of your most egregious workout mistakes. Give this primer a quick read while you chug a dozen raw eggs and pound a case of protein bars before hitting the gym.

Written by Chris Chase

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