Online Dating for Dudes

Four Foolproof Tips to Keep You From Screwing It Up

online dating tips for men

Online Dating for Dudes: Four Foolproof Tips to Keep You From Screwing It Up

Online dating is the final frontier for a lot of you dudes out there. Whether you’ve had trouble with the ladies because you refuse to shave your neck, or because just can’t get the hell out of grandma’s house, online dating is there for you.

Maybe you’re even a dude that does fine with women and wants to expand his horizons. Unlikely, but we’ll play along if that’s your story.

As awesome as it might be to flirt with women through your computer screen without the fear of rejection, you still have a pretty good chance of fucking everything up online too. You won’t get a drink thrown in your face, but you won’t get any dates, either.

So how can you use online dating in your lifelong search for true love? Keep reading dude. Apparently there’s a lot of work to do.

Written by Chris Chase

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