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Five Foods That Will Fuck You Up

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Dude Diets: Five Foods That Will Fuck You Up

So you’re a dude on a diet, and as embarrassing as it was to tell your buddies you couldn’t chow down on burgers and pound a 12-pack of Stella Artois last week, you’re committed to the decision. You’re going to get healthy, even if that means eating like a bunny rabbit with a thyroid disorder.

The problem is that most dudes – that means you, dude – just don’t know everything there is to know about food. It’s not really your fault. Actually, it probably is your fault, or at least your mother’s, father’s, health teacher’s or doctor’s fault, but let’s not worry about who to blame, okay?

In reality, it’s nearly impossible to know everything about what’s available to eat unless you’ve studied food like it’s your job. With more and more prepared food choices available, even knowing what you’re actually eating is getting harder.

Guys on a diet would do well to avoid certain foods like the fucking plague though. When you see them, run screaming toward your supply of organic, locally-grown, grass-fed, friendly farm-raised protein bars instead.

Written by Chris Chase

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