Get Those Guns Goin’: Tips to Build Badass Biceps: Part Two

It’s Time to Build Those Glamour Muscles…

build biceps

Build your arms dude – You’re hitting the gym like a guy with a case of ‘roid rage after reading up on how you can make your biceps look like two Vermont hams under your black v-neck t-shirt. You know, the one you paid a whole week’s salary for? Somehow you’re still not getting the results that you’re looking for though, huh?

In part one (read it here if you haven’t already) I talked about some of the exercises and proper form to build your arms. In this one let’s talk food dude.

The problem is that you eat like a fat kid with access to a credit card. Maybe not all of you do, but the vast majority of dudes really eat like shit and wonder why they don’t look like bodybuilders and models. The problem is your diet, dude.

The good news is that even a boneheaded gym rat can learn enough about nutrition to get by. Use this guide to learn how you can change your diet to help you build the muscle you’re looking for while shedding those last rolls of fad that used to be your main attraction.

It’s not terribly difficult, but it will take some willpower. Hope you’re up for it.

Written by Chris Chase

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