Science of Building Muscle and Gaining Mass

This guide is for you if you are looking to get big, strong, and build some serious muscle. Follow these tips, don’t give up, workout hard and you will achieve your goals. There is no person in this world who cannot gain muscle, whether you are skinny, fat, or genetically lesser than others. This is how you are unique in yourself and you would need to work according to your body. Forget the nonsense you’ve been hearing for all these years, like;

• Do just heavy or powerlifting.
• Just a full-body workout is enough.
• Circuit training is a shortcut to the ripped body.
• Crunches equal six-packs.
• Eat 6-7 meals a day.
• Eat just protein and forget fats and carbs.
• Supplements or some drug is necessary.

You will put on your workout shirts with motivation and follow the above, but injuries and demotivation are all you will get.

science of building muscle and gaining mass

The Science of Building Muscle and Gaining Mass

How to gain muscle and strength?
Bodyweight exercises are good for losing weight and keeping your muscles but lifting heavier weights is a part of gaining muscle and strength so get access to a gym where you can do weight training. We are going to work on the full body meaning lots of compound muscles and full-body exercises with weights. Because they help build greater strength and stimulate solid muscle growth.

Free weights are better than machine exercises because it helps develop and strengthen your core or stabilizing muscles. Plus, they work on multiple muscles at a time. While on the machine it is doing all the stabilizing and balancing. Quit looking for machines and whining and wear your workout pants and shirt and start lifting dumbbells and barbell doing free weight exercises.

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Squats and deadlifts focus on the legs, bench press, overhead press, and press-ups, and chin-ups focus on the upper body while hanging knee raises and planks focus on the core. This is a complete full-body workout for beginners for a week. You can do it in two if you aren’t comfortable in the beginning. Remember to start with lightweights and work your way up when you feel like it.

The primary focus should be on adding more weight to these exercises as your body is getting stronger and bigger. And you can worry about other exercises like shoulder shrugs, preacher bicep curls, calf raises, etc. later.

Adding about 4lbs every week you know you have gotten stronger. Just eat right and rest well.

Sets and reps for a bigger and stronger body
Because we are talking about adding more weight to our body but get strong too, here are the two ways you should go. To add more muscle to the body, do 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps of every exercise. While 3-5 sets of 5 reps will make you stronger than adding mass.

For adding strength and mass you can mix up these two. For instance, two- or three-days doing muscle gaining workouts while the rest of the days you can do strength gaining workout. This way you won’t get bored either. Reducing reps but adding weight in each set is also a good way to add strength.

Provided that you adding weight each week to whatever exercise you chose the body will be getting stronger. Just eat and rest enough, and it is a win-win situation. Diet and recovery are the 80% hard work in this game so make sure you are eating well, good, healthy, proper and on time. The body is getting proper recovery. If not, you either need to rest more or eat properly. Not just muscle and strength gain these tips are for a healthier life and body.

muscle growth science

Training is great, but have you heard the term “your abs are built in the kitchen”? There more to The Science of Building Muscle and Gaining Mass than pumping iron. Read on…

The diet plan for a strong and big body
Gaining muscle is 90% of the battle for skinny guys. And 90% of the time we are lifting weights but don’t seem to gain enough or noticeable muscle is because of improper diet. Doing so we think it is impossible for us to gain weight and mass then eventually give up. But if you eat right you will gain mass and bulk up in months with prominent results. Mostly for skinny guys, at least for me, is eating more than you want to. Not just eating anything but eat more of what will make the gains.

Follow the plan there because it will definitely be worth it when you see all that muscle gain after a month or so. You will find yourself eating or preparing something to eat most of the time. But that is just how it is, more so for skinny guys.

Here is what you can do for diet one. Eat a lot, whatever you get to eat. It is fast, quick, time-saving and cheap too but not very healthy though. With this plan make sure you are at least eating 200+ grams of protein a day and 3,500+ calories in total. Things like pasta, rice, pizza, milk, hamburgers, chicken, beef, pork, milkshakes, etc. This way you will gain a lot of weight and then at the gym, you can work that towards healthy and strong growth.

Here is what you can do for diet two. Eat healthy but eat a lot like whole grains, oatmeal, rice, milkshakes with eggs and protein powder, peanut butter, Nutella, on wheat bread, beans, lean meat like chicken, beef, etc. 4 to 6 whole eggs daily, a lot of fruits and veggies, of course, water and milk is also important. It is relatively cheaper, might not be the best plan but is super healthy and won’t put on unnecessary fat, and quick way to gain loads of calories.

With these plans, you can adjust the diet according to how the body responds. At first, you might feel overeating all the time but don’t miss a meal. Just put it in and you will get used to it. However, if this is not what you want you can talk to your doctor and trainer for a plan and follow that. There are some foods that will mess with your progress if you eat them, here’s 5 foods you should think about avoiding.

Rest and recovery days
Rest and recovery are just as important as eating. If you don’t rest well and enough the muscles will be still fatigued and working out the next day can either damage them or you would just be wasting your time. Also, don’t do cardio if you are a skinny guy trying to build muscle. You can go for a walk or light jog. At least 6 hours of sound night sleep is important.

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There you have it the Science of Building Muscle and Gaining Mass in layman’s terms. Follow this advice and you can’t go far wrong