Gym Rat Blues

Are You Going to Take a Nap Too?

 Taking breaks between exercises, particularly those that are very hard on your body, is important. Getting a sip of water and taking a second to breathe is a good thing.

Spending 10 minutes shooting the shit with that guy who likes the same team as you once you’ve finished seven crunches isn’t so good. Taking 10 minutes on the floor to rest your back isn’t doing you a lot of favors either.

So what’s the problem with resting too long? You’re letting your heart rate decrease to a near glacial pace! Even eating a slice of pizza probably gets you more worked up.

Talking with a buddy at the gym is fine, but do it before or after your workout. If you’re so exhausted you can’t go on without a 20-minute break, you’re probably done for the day.


Written by Chris Chase

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