Gym Rat Blues

That’s Too Much Weight, Bro!

 Men have the moronic tendency to try and pick up weights equivalent to a BMW to show off how manly they are. I can’t blame you for that – it’s a part of our genetic code. The problem is that it isn’t not really helping your body or your workout like you think it is.

When you lift weight that’s actually too heavy for you, you’re putting a lot of strain on your muscles. Unfortunately it isn’t the good kind of strain that builds muscle and adds bulk to your scrawny frame. Instead, it’s strain that will eventually cause an injury if you keep doing it.

So how do you find out what’s enough weight if you prefer to lift heavy? The best option is to find the heaviest weight you can do a few reps of your chosen exercise with, then scale it back to about 75% to 80% of that.

Nobody will think less of you for lifting a bit less, but they’ll definitely mock you when they have to carry you to the car because you can’t straighten your back.


Written by Chris Chase

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