How to Bust Belly Fat: Dos and Don’ts for Dudes, Part One

Don’t Go on a Starvation Diet

A lot of guys think starvation diets are just for women. While the ladies might be more likely to go on them, that doesn’t mean that men looking to cut fat fast don’t try them out as well. You’re being sexist – and just kind of a dick – if you think men don’t have body issues that lead them to poor diet choices too.

If you’re thinking of an ultra-low calorie diet though, think twice if you don’t have a lot of weight to lose. Even if you do have 100 pounds or more to lose, you need a doctor to help get you on a low calorie plan that’s effective and healthy.

Men just looking to get cut or tone up will actually sabotage their diet efforts by cutting calories too low. Anything below 1,500 in a day, especially if you aren’t actually fat, will likely cause your body to hold onto belly blubber since it will think you’ve encountered a shortage of food.

Yes, even if you live in an apartment in the heart of Manhattan or a flat in Hyde Park, your body still thinks you’re out there looking for food like in the good old, old, old days when your ancestors roamed the earth looking more like monkeys than well-manicured men.


Next week, we’ll get into exercise and how you can start busting belly fat just by getting off your ass! You can’t $#**&@! wait, can you!?


Written by Chris Chase

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