Get Those Guns Goin’

Get Those Guns Goin’: Tips to Build Badass Biceps – Part 1

how to build bigger biceps

Build your biceps! If you’ve ever been to the gym, or even played a game of pickup basketball, you’ve seen a bunch of shirtless dudes with biceps as big as your leg. While those guys might look like meatheads that have taken it much too far, there’s probably some part of you that’s jealous of their ability to build muscle.

The thing is that you too can build muscle. You may not want to look like one of those monstrous freaks deadlifting a Datsun, but you could if you really dedicated yourself to the cause.

Whether you’re going for a reasonable amount of muscle, or you want to look like The Incredible Hulk’s pale cousin, this guide can help put you on the right track.

Written by Chris Chase

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