Out of “Ex”-ile: The Stress-Free, Judgment-Free Guide to Getting Back with Your Ex

Getting back with your ex interview

I broke up with my boyfriend for a lot of reasons. It was mostly my fault. We were becoming sexually incompatible, but I didn’t try to change. He did! I didn’t communicate. He did! But there were other problems too. He always had a natural smell that I liked, but he never cleaned his place or washed his clothes or sheets. Or even himself! He also was a very picky eater and had a very bad diet. We broke up but stayed friends.

Then, on Facebook, I began to see him change over the next year. He built up a lot of muscle and showed “before” and “after” photos. I hung out (in a group of friends) at his house, and he made a great stir-fry for us. Even better, his apartment was clean!! We did get back together, after a while. I know that sounds shallow like I only cared about his appearance. But it wasn’t the photos as much as it was the positive changes in him. It made ME feel really happy, and like it was destiny. When we got together again, it was like we were getting a fresh start.
From, LEXI

“Lexi” (L-ex-i? See what we did there?) seems like a decent person, but also a bit self-deceived. Why?

Well, Lexi seems to want to believe that getting back together was a sporadic and “destined” decision, motivated by renewed love and a fresh start. There’s that notion of “fresh starts” again. However, it’s pretty apparent on a second reading that Lexi is actually motivated by more than “destiny.”

Written by Tracy Lovell

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