Psychometry – How to become a psychic detective

psychometry jobs for men

Psychometry, what the hell is that I hear you say, well, this one is a bit outside the remit of a careers councilor but if you’re looking for something that is completely different then check this out. The pay’s other worldly too.

Many people scoff at the idea of calling upon psychics to unravel the mysteries surrounding unsolved cases. Psychic impressions cannot be admitted as evidence in any court of law. However, some law enforcement agencies do take psychics seriously. They are usually called upon when every effort to solve a crime has been exhausted.

Some may see this as a vain, last-ditch effort by the officers of the law to bring perpetrators to justice, but many claim that innumerable cold cases have been solved with the help of psychic detectives and that there is some scientific basis to the psychic detective’s supposed ability to perceive what is imperceptible to most people.

So, the bottom line is this – Does it work?

Here some evidence, and it might just make you a believer

Now let’s look at how it works…

Written by Ryan F Perez

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