Get Those Guns Goin’

Get Those Guns Goin’: Tips to Build Badass Biceps – Part 1

Do Your Damn Pushups


You probably haven’t done a pushup since the other kids laughed at your form when you were 12. We can’t blame you – I remember how bad at them you were. Time to grow up and learn to do pushups right now!

Pushup form is relatively simple, so I’m not going to bore you to death with that. The internet is fully of shitty videos that will show you how to do a proper damn pushup.

What I will tell you is that pushups are one of the best body weight exercises for newbies who don’t work out a lot. That’s because you can probably handle your own body weight effectively. If it’s hard to do a pushup today, it will get easier within a week or two of trying.

When you’re doing pushups, don’t immediately just do so many that you fall down on the ground when you’re done. Focus on getting the form right and completing a small amount the right way. Even if you can only do 10 at first, you’re setting yourself up for more reliable strength down the road.

That’s going to help you get the freakish muscles the girls with the three-inch layer of makeup really love.

Written by Chris Chase

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