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Five Foods That Will Fuck You Up

  1. Shark Meat

Shark meat? Shark meat? Well shit buddy, I can go without eating shark meat for the rest of my damn life!

You’re welcome! After taking away your donuts and French fries, I thought it might be time to throw you a softball. There it is in the form of shark meat.

As terrible as sharks are, and as much as you might want to turn the tables and take a bite out of Jaws just for laughs, shark meat has, pretty much, the highest mercury level in the world. That’s likely because they eat schools of tiny fish that are basically mercury magnets.

 Along with shark meat, other fish including king mackerel, tilefish and swordfish should be avoided. Skipping these foods isn’t so much about fat as it is the fact that you’ll feel so shitty after you eat them that you won’t want to go to the gym for a week.

Don’t sharks just suck when they’re not on TV?

Written by Chris Chase

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