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Five Foods That Will Fuck You Up

  1. French Fries

 You son of a bitch, why are you trying to take away everything I love!? Don’t you have any mercy?

I  hear you dude, but French fries are going to wreck your body, and if your body is already wrecked, you’re not going to do yourself any favors chowing down on these babies. In fact, much like that donut, one serving could pretty much put on the diet brakes for a whole day.

Potatoes are incredibly high on the glycemic index, meaning they’re basically pure sugar. Once you deep fry them and cover them in salt, they’re basically Satan’s side dish.

Since they’re typically fried at high temperatures, French fries are also a known carcinogen because they contain acrylamide. Do you want to eat anything that sounds like it closely resembles acrylic?

Sure you do! But should you? Probably not, dude.


Written by Chris Chase

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