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Five Foods That Will Fuck You Up

  1. Donuts

 What do you mean I can’t have donuts? Donuts are everywhere! Donuts are delicious! What about bacon donuts?

I can practically hear you go through the various stages of grief over losing your donuts. If you could get through that screen, you’d probably bargain with me to try and keep the raspberry filled ones at least. They’ve got fruit, right? I’ll check the comments section later, dude.

The answer is no. No no no. You can’t keep your donuts. I know you want to, but the fact is that the average donut packs somewhere between 200 and 500 calories, and let’s face it, you’re not ordering the tiny donuts and eating half, so probably more like 500, right?

Pair that 500 calories with nearly 50 grams of sugar and you’ve wrecked your diet for a whole day. If you’re trying to cut 500 calories a day for more substantial weight loss, one donut that you ate in about, uh, 20 seconds, is going to cost you big time.

Even if you’re a donut-crazed lunatic, a regular Homer Simpson – not the one from The Day of the Locust ­– you need to cut ‘em out. If you absolutely must have one or you’ll die by your own hand, at least limit yourself to one per week.

Even better would be limiting yourself to one every two weeks.

Written by Chris Chase

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