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    Money, Money, Money

    Money Money Money It’s such an old cliché, the one about men needing to pay for everything, and women wanting a rich man to do it. And in the dating world, a man picking up the bill is seen as the only way to do things. Now, I’m going to help to clear this up, […] More

  • how to talk to women

    How to Talk to Women You Don’t Know

    You might have seen that recent article about how to talk to women who are wearing headphones. Even if you haven’t seen the article, you might have seen reactions to it, because plenty of female writers have come out to condemn the advice. To summarize, the advice is basically ‘pick a woman in public, persuade […] More

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    Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

    There’s a common misconception that I’m going to help clear up right now, which is that girls don’t like nice guys, and nice guys need to change into not-nice guys to get laid. Being a nice guy will supposedly see you get left behind in the dust, while the woman you like runs away with […] More

  • hot girl paradox

    The Hot Girl Paradox

    The hot girl paradox There’s a school of thought among a lot of men – especially those who feel somewhat thwarted in love – that ‘hot girls’ are a species all of their own, and that they’re a hostile species at that. The hot girl, they think, must have it easy. She gets to choose […] More

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    What Women Really Think of Pick-up Artists

    Pick-up artists, or ‘PUAs’ if you’re more familiar with them, are self-proclaimed gurus who claim to help men achieve more success when approaching women. As a woman who has read a great deal about PUAs over the years, and met a large number of them, I’ve developed my own opinions on how successful this art […] More