5 Tips to Decrease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness [DOMS]

Get enough sleep

5. Sleep – Catch enough Zzzzz’s

Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep not only is the time when your muscles will grow in response to your training, it’s a powerful remedy for the treatment of DOMS. As you sleep your body produces the human growth hormone chemicals during “deep sleep” and it’s these that will help to reduce soreness.

You should be aiming for 7 to 8 hours of sleep so your body can adapt, restore and rebuild after training. Sleep is instrumental to building muscle, losing fat and recovering from injury. Make sure you’re getting enough!

While delayed onset muscle soreness is usually an inevitability after a hard workout, these tips can definitely help alleviate a good amount of the pain and suffering associated with it. Remember that even though you may feel sore after a workout, the soreness is temporary and with proper self-care, most of the pain can be avoided.

Written by Ryan F Perez

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