Single guys have the prerogative to decide for themselves whether or not they want to rock a clean cut look or sport facial hair, but married and taken guys typically want to flaunt a look that they know their girl will love. Here are some tips on how to tell if your wife or girlfriend likes you clean shaven or with facial hair.

Consider How You Looked When You Met

Consider how you looked when you first met your partner. If you were clean shaven, that’s probably what attracted her to you in the first place, and the same goes for a scruffier look. Ideally, most women wish that their man would keep up the look he had when they first met.

Notice What She Responds To

You can tell what your wife or girlfriend likes based on how she responds to you when you’re sporting different facial hair looks. If she’s all over you when you’re shaven but backs away a bit when you’re scruffy, that’s probably what her preference is.


Just Ask

There’s no shame in just coming out and asking her which look she prefers. In fact, she’ll probably appreciate that you value her opinion. Sometimes the easiest way to find out what she likes is to just ask. In fact, most women wish that their men would just ask. It makes everything far, far easier.

If your wife or girlfriend prefers a little scruff, it will definitely make your life a whole lot easier. However, if she has a preference for that clean cut look, then you have a bit more work to do. To make your routine easier, follow these simple tips.

Use The Right Products

Don’t use a cheap razor and drugstore shaving cream. Instead, use a high-quality, sharp razor for that super close shave. Stick to products from the top lines for the best finish.

Shave After You Shower

The best time to shave is immediately after you shower. The steam from your shower will have opened your pores, rendering a much closer and more nick-free shave.

No matter how your girlfriend or wife prefers you to look, it’s always a good idea to take their advice. After all, if anyone knows which version of you is the most attractive, it’s probably her.

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