Top 5 Most Luxurious Badass RV’s on the Planet.

I’ll admit that these luxury RV’s straight out of the showroom aren’t the most practical for plowing through a heard of the walking dead, it’d murder the paint work, but who the hell would want Dale’s beat up old clunker, when in a post zombie apocalypse world you could just take one of these…

After all you’ve got to have a place where you can repopulate the earth with the ladies left living in some style and luxury.

(I’m going to assume you’ve watched the Walking Dead series- if not what he hell have you been doing to miss it. Go and watch it immediately after you’ve read through this post!)…

…Assuming you have.

Now if you’ve got the odd $1 – $3+ million lying around doing nothing right now you could just go and buy one, but if not just wait for the zombie apocalypse to hit and go grab one for free!

Here’s what you do

Borrow Daryl’s crossbow, head down to the nearest luxury RV dealership, off the salesmen with a few well placed head shots (but keep the sales women – obviously). Then comes the hard bit! Which one do you choose?

Well for the discerning post apocalyptic man with a keen eye for style here’s the spec for each of these bad boys. Any one of these chick magnets will do just nicely.


1. eleMMent Palazzo Superior.


Image courtesy

If you ever want to travel in class, then I would recommend the eleMMent Palazzo Superior. This baby features spacious and amenity-rich interiors that are complemented by its out worldly chassis design, and all eyes will be on you as you drive. This beautiful beast is equipped with a 600 HP, 6 cylinder in-line Volvo engine with automatic transmission. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, SPA-Area, Wireless Command Center, Fireplace and Sky Lounge featuring a retractable rooftop. Traveling in this RV beats spending time in any luxurious hotel, just like an expensive cruise ship, but on land.

Written by Ryan F Perez

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