Soft, gentle and silky smooth, is that what we’re meant to be these days? Come on ffs, we’re men!

And we don’t care what the looney left or ridiculous right are saying. Here we won’t stand for the pussyfication of men. Men are meant to be men, and women are meant to be women, it’s in our DNA.

But… and we’re going have to concede that when it comes to male hygiene and more specifically manscaping, we’ve got a thing or two to learn. And thank God for our friends over at Brozillah who have got the manly answer, and given us the chance to talk to you guys about it.

So, what are our options when it comes to manscaping, and most importantly, what do our women want from us? Here’s a quick video that asks women that very question:

What are you right now, a Gorilla or a Dolphin? And what do women really want, we’re not sure they really know themselves…

What we think here, is that women want something in-between. So, if right now you’re full silver back, and you’ve got a bush you could lose your lunch in, you’ve got some options if your lady wants you as smooth as a babies bottom (at least in some areas!).

Shaving – the rise and fall of the razor.

For most of us shaving is going to be our first choice. It’s something we’re used to doing, and we’re familiar with the tools and techniques. Razor’s these days with their swivel heads and multi blade options are easy to get hold of and chances are you’ll feel at home with one in your hand.

Shaving your face and chest is not going to be a problem. We’re not sure how many men (unless you’re an Olympic swimmer or cyclist) actually shave their legs, but if you do a good razor is likely your first port of call. 


On the down side razors go blunt pretty quickly if you cut thicker hair. And you’ll have to shave more often than if you where to wax (I’m getting to that next). In addition, if your lady likes you to have smooth plums, you have to think about protecting your family jewels at all costs. The consequences of a dull blade scraping across your nuts don’t bear thinking about! 

Waxing – Why Spend money to be in pain when it grows back anyway?

Manscaping - chest waxing

What does waxing actually do? Ok, ready for this…

Waxing rips out your hair follicles from the pores, leaving them exposed and open to dirt and sweat, as well as bacteria and other infectious nasties.

Add to that, that it hurst like hell, we’ve gotta ask why you’d want to do it?

Well, waxing is better than shaving if you’re going full Brazilian. In other words between your legs and your backside as well. And it’s quite common. But think about this for a moment… if you just shave those sensitive areas, the pain you’d feel as the stubble starts to grow back, when the tops of your legs, and your ass cheeks rub together, would be ungodly!

So, waxing is better than shaving, but, just like shaving, you’re going to have to wax often to stay silky smooth. And remember to have something to bite down on when you next do it 🙂

Thank goodness there’s a better way, enter…

Permanent hair removal – 21st century tech to the rescue

Alright, here it is, the answer to proper, safe and pain free manscaping – permanent hair removal.

If you shave or wax, it’s an ongoing thing you’ll need to do every few days. It’s nerve racking when taking a razor to your scrotum, and soddin painful of you go down the waxing route.

It just makes perfect sense that if you need to be hair free in certain areas of your body that you remove your hair permanently. This is when Brozillah and their DapperZapper comes into its own. Go and check it out.

Designed specifically for men, if manscaping is your bag, (especially your ball bag), it’s completely safe and pain free. And after just a couple of goes with it, less and less hair grows back until it completely disappears altogether.

So, no more nasty nicks or razor burn, and you don’t have to suffer the agony (coz that’s what it is!) of waxing, you can be perfectly smooth, totally fuss free, and have porn star plums, if you remove your hair permanently instead.

Manscaping down there and everywhere is definitely something you might want to add to your personal hygiene regimen. Or don’t, whatever. But if you do it, do it properly and use good modern hassle-free tools.