Top 10 Jobs for Men with Balls

top 10 jobs for men with balls

Top Ten Jobs for Men with Balls

We may not all have the most exciting jobs in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some guys out there risking life and limb to make our lives easier. While a lot of traditional jobs take guts, like police officers or fire fighters, there are some less common jobs out there that really take some genuine balls. So if you’re bored sitting in your office getting papercuts and assuming you’ve got testicles the size of Titan, check out these new career options. Just remember, only men with balls need apply.

1. Stuntman

What man doesn’t love action flicks? CGI has yet to take over the role of the stuntman and most of the crazy stunts you see on screen are done by an actual person. This job basically involves doing everything an actor doesn’t want to do or won’t be allowed to do in case they hurt their pretty and expensive faces. Why does it take balls? A stuntman never really knows what they might be doing. They could be flying through the air on a wire system one day, flipping over in a wild car crash the next, and being singed by an over-the-top pyrotechnic and explosive scene a few days later.

Written by Ryan F Perez

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