psychometry jobs for men

Psychometry, what the hell is that I hear you say, well, this one is a bit outside the remit of a careers councilor but if you’re looking for something that is completely different then check this out. The pay’s other worldly too.

Many people scoff at the idea of calling upon psychics to unravel the mysteries surrounding unsolved cases. Psychic impressions cannot be admitted as evidence in any court of law. However, some law enforcement agencies do take psychics seriously. They are usually called upon when every effort to solve a crime has been exhausted.

Some may see this as a vain, last-ditch effort by the officers of the law to bring perpetrators to justice, but many claim that innumerable cold cases have been solved with the help of psychic detectives and that there is some scientific basis to the psychic detective’s supposed ability to perceive what is imperceptible to most people.

So, the bottom line is this – Does it work?

Here some evidence, and it might just make you a believer

Now let’s look at how it works…

Psychometry: Picking Up Vibrations


Psychometry is the name given by parapsychologists for the ability of psychics to discover the history of an inanimate object, such as a murder weapon, and get some information about its owner by just touching it. They claim that the object’s history is recorded in the field of energy surrounding it.It is very similar to recording sounds in a tape recorder. The psychic is like tape player that plays back everything that has been recorded in the object.


Okay, sounds good, so the question is can anyone develop psychometric skills?

Can You Develop your skill?

Some parapsychologists say that almost everyone can develop psychometry and that it is more of a psychic skill than a talent. However, it is said that people who are compassionate develop the skill more easily than most because psychometry is not just a skill of the third eye, but also of the heart chakra. To develop this ability, do the following exercise:

Take an object that belongs to another person. For best results, use items that have history. Newly bought or newly acquired objects won’t yield good results. Some researchers say that metal objects are the best because hold more vibrations more than any other objects.

Now, sit on a comfortable chair and relax. Close your eyes and hold the item with both hands. Be aware of the thoughts, feelings, and images that come to mind. Take your time and don’t try to control or force results. Do not judge your impressions. If you don’t get any impressions, do it again the next day with a different object.

You can test your abilities by doing the following exercise with a friend. Borrow an object belonging to your friend. Hold it with both hands. Again, be aware of the thoughts, feelings, and images that come to mind. Relay your impressions to your friend as you get them but ask for your friend’s feedback after the session so that you will not get discouraged by any misses while doing this exercise.

Practice makes perfect


The more you practice, the better you will become. Over time, you will receive stronger and more accurate impressions. If you are just starting to develop psychometry, you may find yourself more sensitive to vibrations on some days than others. You should know that some objects may hold very little vibration, so you may get weak impressions from them or none at all.

Stories about crimes solved with the help of psychic detectives may seem to belong to the realm of pulp fiction and prime time television. However, some educated men and women swear by the effectiveness of psychometry in solving crimes. Do you want to find out whether psychometry is real or not? The best way to find out is by trying to develop this psychic skill.

This is the type of job that takes balls of a different kind, as you’re mixing with the spirit world, as opposed to the ones here. But if you do try and you develop it, then you’ve got a valuable and sale-able skill, that you could turn into a business and here is a great place to start your training