top 10 dirtiest jobs in the world

Almost all of us hate our jobs. We have this strange perception that we have one of the most boring, repetitive, mind-numbing, and worst jobs in the world. I’m not saying that your job’s the best in the world, but going through the internet, I found a few positions that I didn’t even know could exist. They just completely blew my mind.

And certainly not in a good way! I almost threw up in my mouth. You know how we start valuing what we have after we find out there’s something even worse than what we have? That’s exactly what happened.

Finding out about these jobs humbled me to my core. I don’t care if they make a million dollars, I just cannot fathom doing any of them. It was certainly my moment of truth and the moment I fell in love with what I do for a living. My worst job in the world went on to being the best job in the world. I ain’t ever quitting!

And there are not the kind of careers you’d likely suggest as a good idea to get into to your son or daughter…

So, what are these dirtiest jobs? Let’s look at the top 10 dirtiest and sickest jobs I came across. And oh… these are not ant particular order in terms of best to worst, they’re just in the order I came across them. You’ll notice as well that I haven’t included images (with good reason!), and after you’ve read them you’re gonna look like this…

dirtiest job in the world

Here they are, the top 10 dirtiest jobs in the world

Manure Inspector

These guys get into the manure at farms, inspecting different kinds of animal waste to make sure they are free of contaminants. When checking manure, these scientists ensure that hazardous materials do not spread by infecting vegetation, other animals, or consumers.

Orangutan urine collector – WTF!


If you guessed these people collect and analyze monkey urine, then yes…no shit Sherlock. The point is, why do they do it? To study factors that affect orang-utan reproduction. The work involves tracking the monkeys and placing large plastic tarps on the ground or sticking bags to the sticks in hopes of capturing adequate urine samples for analysis.

Hot Zone Superintendent

They perform maintenance work in bio-safety laboratories that study lethal pathogens in the air for which there is no known cure. Their work allows scientists to study the nature of some disease-causing organisms, such as anthrax.

Extremophile Excavator

I didn’t know what an extremophile was until I looked it up, here’s the definition. They move through the stinky fumes emitted by arsenic saturated sludge in some areas devastated by heat, ready to collect samples of arsenic-eating extremophiles to find microbes that could help decontaminate the nation’s freshwater sources.

Analyzer of deposition samples with dysentery

They study samples of stool from sick humans who have experienced diarrhea caused by a certain microbe that causes the disease. This is where I actually had to vomit a little. Through the analysis, scientists are able to develop intestinal diagnoses to help those who suffer from this disease.

Semen cleaner – I suppose someone’s got to do it?

And it just went downhill, from filthy to filthier. These unfortunate people take semen samples and observe them under a microscope to study and count the sperm, then turn them around, separate them, add preservative and freeze the samples for use in vitro fertilization. Gross!


They control volcanic regions to determine when the next eruption will be. Apart from dodging hot magma, these scientists must climb mountains through the heat and move through mists of gaseous sulfur dioxide, ashes, rocks, and debris. Not as much dirty as it is dangerous. But if you know what sulfur dioxide smells like, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Body Cleaner

They clean bodies for exposure using a variety of cleaning methods. This could include immersion of the body in boiling chemical elements, placing worms or beetles on the body, or collecting leftover meat.

Fistula feeder

They study how the entrails of cattle work. To do this, they uncover the fistula, an opening in the bovine intestinal system, and take samples of the ante stomach to check their digestion and reactions to food additives.

Corpse Flower Grower

They grow and take care of a huge, smelly plant called “corpse flower.” Like pleasing fragrance flowers attract bees, corpse flowers attract their own bugs, among which are the Sumatra scavenger beetles and meat flies. These scientists compete to grow the largest flowering plant in their crops.

As much as I hate to admit it, guys, I believe if you don’t do one of these jobs, you’re not doing the worst job or one of the dirtiest jobs in the world. So, before you decide to quit your current 9 to 5, it’s better to find another place. Or God forbid, you might end up doing one of these and trust me, they’re just GROSS. Plain and simple.