Online Dating for Dudes

Four Foolproof Tips to Keep You From Screwing It Up

  • Craft Personal, Thoughtful Messages
  • It’s incredibly easy to write a bio pointing out all of your attributes. It’s also incredibly easy to send that to any girl who looks like she might be a fun date or a life partner you can’t live without. Problem is that it’s a shitty way to actually connect with any living, breathing human being.

    Instead of crafting a generic introduction message reminiscent of a cover letter for your resume, take the time to actually comment on a few things on a woman’s profile. Maybe ask her a question that relates to her interests, like why she became a bikini model in the first place.

    Whatever you choose to talk about, make sure it has something to do with the girl you’re trying to get to know. You can include interesting points about yourself, but at the very least, try to include a section that lets her know you’ve read her damn profile.

    Without that section, she probably won’t respond to you at all even if she does think you look good in those pictures your friend was nice enough to take.

    Written by Chris Chase

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