Online Dating for Dudes

Four Foolproof Tips to Keep You From Screwing It Up

  1. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Being honest is great, and if you want anything approaching a meaningful relationship, it’s pretty freaking important. That doesn’t mean you need to show off all of your flaws right away.

Some guys – you know who you are – take the whole honesty thing completely the wrong way. No, you shouldn’t lie about your job and how much money you make. No, don’t tell a woman you drive a brand new BMW when you take the bus.

Putting your best foot forward is showing off why you’re worth paying attention to. Got an average car that you maintain meticulously? Cool! Show it off. Interested in cooking? Take a damn photo of the dinner you made last night, even if all you can pull of convincingly is steak or mac and cheese.

The same goes for photos, but we’ll get to that more in depth next because you guys need a whole lot of fucking help with your pictures.

Written by Chris Chase

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