Online Dating for Dudes

Four Foolproof Tips to Keep You From Screwing It Up

  1. Be Honest, Dumbass!

You want to “score” beautiful girls with advanced degrees that speak three languages and regularly hang out with supermodels. Sure, we all want that. When you’re online though, it’s easy to try and attract women way out of your league by just plain lying to them.

What’s the problem with that? Why can’t you be a billionaire banker with a house in the South of France? Because you work in customer service and rent a shitty apartment you share with two other dudes.

Maybe things are going okay you’ve got a decent life. Maybe there’s cash in the bank and you could pull off the illusion for a few dates. Might work in the short-term, but it’s a surefire way to fuck up any situation that could be worth pursuing in the long run.

If you just want to meet chicks for fun, go in Tinder or spend some cash at the bar. There are better things in life than scamming girls into hanging out with you.

Be honest and get your shit together instead. You might land a girl that’s out of your league just because you’re real – especially if you’re actually working toward something better in your own damn life.

Written by Chris Chase

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