How to Bust Belly Fat: Dos and Don’ts for Dudes, Part Two

Do Work Hard

Eating right and getting enough exercise isn’t easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest fucking things you’re going to do in your life, especially if you’ve got more than 20 pounds to lose.

We told you that we weren’t going to go all self-help motivational guru on you, but planning on some serious hard work is the only way to really get your body how you want it to look and feel. Just like with a tough job, you need to set out with a goal in mind and stick with it, reminding yourself where you want to get to regularly.

Don’t complain to your buddies and don’t think about the finish line. Take it day by day, week by week. Set goals for yourself, like running a 5k. Sure, it might be boring as shit, but at least it’s an accomplishment.

Stack enough of those accomplishments together and you’ve got a healthy guy that doesn’t send women running when he takes his shirt off at the pool.

Written by Chris Chase

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