A Sex Re-Education Guide For Us Men

Guys Kate is really kickin ass with this one – Listen up!

Ladies first


Being a gentleman about it, it’s much better to get her off before you, because we’re hyper aware of the fact that you’re no longer feeling horny by the time you’ve got yours. And it’s very sexy if you’re still hot when you’re paying attention to us, if you know what I mean.

Try going down on her first, no matter how much you just want to have sex right then and there. Like I said before, it might be the hottest and most pleasurable thing you can imagine doing, but the odds are that she’s not going to climax that way, and by the time you’re done she’s going to feel like an afterthought being the only one who’s still horny.

And if you’re thinking she’s not going to be very into sex by the time you’ve finished going down on her, don’t worry, because that’s another way we differ from each other. Women can keep getting pleasure from sex over and over, we’re not limited to the once as you are. And arguably it’s better after climax, because she’ll be more sensitive, so you’ll both have a better time if you remember the rule of ladies first. And that guys is sex re-education 101

Written by Kate Rawdon

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