A Sex Re-Education Guide For Us Men

Guys Kate is really kickin ass with this one – Listen up!

Opposites attract


When it comes to men and women, and our bodies and what we like, it’s best to think of us in terms of being your opposites. Your bodies are harder, ours are softer; your party pieces are all out there, while most of ours are on the inside; you respond best to hard and fast action, while we respond best to light and soft.

And no, that’s not even being all romantic about it, it’s science and a big part of your sex re-education. The tiny bit of our organ that’s actually visible has twice the number of nerve endings that yours does – 8,000 to your 4,000. That makes it one very sensitive area, and you can’t go wrong with a light touch, especially in the beginning.

Then there’s the fact that by far the majority of women can’t climax from penetration alone. Forget what web videos and every movie ever has told you, it’s not something that happens to most of us, and we hate when you get disappointed because there’s no need for either of us to feel bad about that. A little education is all that’s missing.

Written by Kate Rawdon

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