10 Body Language Signs She Likes You More Than a Friend

signs she like you more than a friend

10. She makes the first move.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll walk up to you and ask for your number. But it’s likely that she might catch your eye and smile or find a way to make contact. In fact, researchers have found that women are typically the first to make a move, although typically it’s a subtle move. So if a girl in a bar keeps catching your eye, it’s probably an indication that you can make a move.

Dating life is never easy, and of course, rejection is always a risk, but if you notice several of these signs in the right context, you’re probably on the right track! And if you’re looking for one woman’s opinion on how to make the approach, here’s a tip: be nice, be respectful, and if you misread the signs, laugh it off. It makes you much more attractive if you handle rejection gracefully… and as an added bonus all of our female friends will notice how great you are about it!

Note from the editor – One of the biggest fears we men must face when dating again is a rejection, but it’s part of the dating game. So, accept that it will happen and just enjoy the company of the fairer sex without expectations. It’ll make you a nice guy. But always look out for the signs that she likes you more than a friend.

Written by Tracy Lovell

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  1. Best way to tell? When a girl in a sleeveless shows you her armpits (ie putting her hair up repeatedly). It’s so subtle they hardly know that they’re doing it. Works like a charm, tho’; try it yourself. ‘Course, it presupposes they’re wearing a sleeveless!

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