10 Body Language Signs She Likes You More Than a Friend


how to tell if a girl like you

7. She turns her body toward you.

This is another subconscious sign. If she’s open towards you, then her arms will be relaxed and not crossed and she’ll be turned towards you. This is called open posture, and it indicates that she is open to you and your interactions!

8. She stands taller.

If a girl is into you, she’s probably going to make herself look as appealing as possible around you. This goes beyond makeup and hair choices. She’ll stand tall and likely have really good posture around you as a way to “preen” sort of like a peacock. And you’ll probably be doing the same thing.

9. She smiles.

This is a little obvious, but if a girl is smiling really big when you’re talking to her, it’s a very good sign. If you catch her smiling at you when you’re not looking or you walk up to her and her face lights up, she’s probably excited to see you.

Written by Tracy Lovell

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  1. Best way to tell? When a girl in a sleeveless shows you her armpits (ie putting her hair up repeatedly). It’s so subtle they hardly know that they’re doing it. Works like a charm, tho’; try it yourself. ‘Course, it presupposes they’re wearing a sleeveless!

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