10 Body Language Signs She Likes You More Than a Friend

body language that she likes you

4. She mirrors your behaviors. 

This is actually a sign that both guys and girls have. It’s a subconscious reaction we all have when we like someone. If you notice that she leans in when you do, relaxes when you do, takes a sip of her drink than you do, it’s a good indicator that she’s enjoying your company.

5. She lingers.

If you’re noticing that you tend to walk to your cars at the same time and she slows down a bit as you get closer to them as if she doesn’t want to leave… you’re probably right! She’s trying to spend just a little bit of extra time around you

6. She plays with her hair.

For lots of girls, this is a nervous habit, which means she might be nervous around you. It’s also a sign that she might have thought about you playing with her hair, which definitely means you’ve been on her mind.

Written by Tracy Lovell

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  1. Best way to tell? When a girl in a sleeveless shows you her armpits (ie putting her hair up repeatedly). It’s so subtle they hardly know that they’re doing it. Works like a charm, tho’; try it yourself. ‘Course, it presupposes they’re wearing a sleeveless!

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