Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

I’m a genuinely nice guy though, so why didn’t she choose me?

So, about those other factors that might make a woman choose one guy over another, even if the one she turns down is genuinely nice. She might choose the other guy because of his looks, or because of his sense of humor, or maybe it just clicks in a way she can’t explain.

It could be anything, but the point is that a truly nice guy will understand that being a nice guy isn’t the bargaining chip with which to get into a woman’s affections or underwear. It’s just a baseline human trait that we should all display as much as possible.

If you’re a nice guy, and you’re disappointed because the woman you like doesn’t like you back in that way, here are some solid truths:

– Being a genuinely nice guy has not put her off
– Nobody expects you to stick around if it hurts you to do so, just don’t be a dick about it

If you’ve been turned down after making your feelings known, and you want to continue to be a genuinely nice guy but you find being around her is too difficult, that’s ok.

Being disappointed and looking out for your sanity is not the same as throwing a tantrum because you didn’t get what you want. It’s totally fine to be honest, and say you still like her but you’re going to take a little time out, or get a little distance. That’s just having some self-respect and, if anything, she’ll respect you for it too.


Written by Kate Rawdon

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