Don’t Do CrossFit, Bro!

There Are Better Options

Instead of going to CrossFit and having Dr. Dumbass as your pack leader, why not hire a trainer to show you the ropes and get you on the right track? They’ll be able to help with proper form and develop a workout routine that fits your goals, not the goals of a rabid group of exercise freaks.

You’ll also get a better workout and you won’t get fired when you call in sick after your fifth CrossFit injury. Your boss doesn’t want you to be an idiot either.

Can’t afford a trainer you say? You only need a few sessions to get the basics and build up a decent routine. That’s going to be a whole lot less than that six-month package of CrossFit sessions they’ll talk you into at the studio.


CrossFit is everywhere, but just because other people are jumping off a bridge doesn’t mean you should too. Sure, there’s a chance you could land in the water unscathed, but if 73% of people get hurt, that bridge is one best avoided altogether.

Whenever one of your friends decide they want to get in on the CrossFit craze, repeat this one phrase to them over and over again.

Don’t do CrossFit, bro. Don’t do CrossFit, bro.

** Editors note: This is my kind of CrossFit **

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