September 2016

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    dating and money

    Money, Money, Money

    Money Money Money It’s such an old cliché, the one about men needing to pay for everything, and women wanting a rich man to do it. And in the dating world, a man picking up the bill is seen as the only way to do things. Now, I’m going to help to clear this up, […]

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    make money at home

    Perform Better in Bed – and get paid for it

    Notably absent from culture-shaping TV series such as Mad Men, The West Wing or Newsroom are scenes in which the lead character settles down at the kitchen table in their pajamas with a laptop and a mug of tea to get medieval on a PowerPoint. That’s because we still celebrate the office as a place […]

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    Are You Getting Money All Wrong?

    Are you getting money all wrong? Read the biographies of most super-wealthy entrepreneurs, and you’ll be refreshed to find that more than a few have known the rigour of living pay check to pay check, or in some cases no check to no check. What distinguishes them, however, is that they recognised a trap and […]

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    get rid of belly fat

    How to Bust Belly Fat: Dos and Don’ts for Dudes, Part Two

    How to Bust Belly Fat: Dos and Don’ts for Dudes, Part Two You’ve been waiting forever for part two, and the worst part is that you haven’t even picked up a barbell yet. If you’ve been sticking to your guns and eating right though, you’ve probably seen a pound or two come off the scale. […]

  • how to talk to women

    How to Talk to Women You Don’t Know

    You might have seen that recent article about how to talk to women who are wearing headphones. Even if you haven’t seen the article, you might have seen reactions to it, because plenty of female writers have come out to condemn the advice. To summarize, the advice is basically ‘pick a woman in public, persuade […]