top 10 jobs for men with balls

We may not all have the most exciting jobs in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some guys out there risking life and limb to make our lives easier.

While a lot of traditional jobs take guts, like police officers or fire fighters, there are some less common jobs out there that really take some genuine balls.

So if you’re bored sitting in your office getting papercuts and assuming you’ve got testicles the size of Titan, check out these new career options. Just remember, only men with balls need apply.


1. Stuntman

What man doesn’t love action flicks? CGI has yet to take over the role of the stuntman and most of the crazy stunts you see on screen are done by an actual person.

This job basically involves doing everything an actor doesn’t want to do or won’t be allowed to do in case they hurt their pretty and expensive faces.

Why does it take balls? A stuntman never really knows what they might be doing. They could be flying through the air on a wire system one day, flipping over in a wild car crash the next, and being singed by an over-the-top pyrotechnic and explosive scene a few days later.

jobs for men search and rescue

2. Search and Rescue Teams

Here we have guys who go out in conditions that clearly got other people in trouble. When these guys get the call they know it’s not going to be easy.

Whether they are hiking up some mountain pass in a blizzard, jumping out of helicopter into freezing waters, or hauling some tourist out of sticky situation in some remote environment these guys are up to the challenge.

Not only do these guys have balls, they also selflessly put themselves in danger to help others.

diver welding underwater

3. Underwater Welder

Commercial diving might sound like a fun job for those that enjoy watersports, but let’s consider where these guys do most of their work, in dirty ports, dark and dingy waters, or inside large industrial equipment.

Then you come across the niche of underwater welding. Lets think about this for a second. Water, plus high voltage welding equipment in what can be a murky dark abyss. No thanks I say, but kudos to those underwater welders out there because it does truly take balls.

4. Rodeo Clown

It takes some genuine guts to be any kind of rodeo performer. Here we have a sport where we purposely make gigantic bulls as aggressive as possible, then we hop on and go for an 8 second ride. That takes balls.

What takes more balls? Running around in the arena distracting these rank creatures so the cowboys can run off safely. These guys don’t get the glory of the actual riders, but they have a far more dangerous job.

jobs for men window cleaners

5. Window Cleaners

Window Cleaners!? Seriously? Well, lets talk about high rise buildings. You know those enormous towers filling up every city? They are shiny because most of them are all glass.

Now you might think in our day and age there is some wild technology that keeps those things squeaky clean. Think again. Instead there is some poor sucker all the way up there dangling from a line with a squeegee. If that doesn’t take balls by itself then wait until a good gust of wind comes along.

jobs for men cell tower worker

6. Cell Phone Tower Workers

While you’re playing Angry Birds or some other stupid game on your cell phone there are guys climbing up all those towers to do maintenance or build new ones.

Cell phone companies fierce competition means towers are going up all over the place and going higher than ever before. These companies often hire contractors who don’t always have the best safety equipment.

Another job that makes everyone’s life easier, but o’boy you’ve got to have some serious size plums for this as this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the US today.


7. Smokejumpers

It takes balls to be a fire-fighter period, but lets take that to another level and look at wildland smokejumpers.

These guys are called out for the worst of the worst wildland fires. They go up, and jump out of a perfectly good airplane into wilderness areas that are about to be turned into burning infernos.

But that’s not even the worst part. After these guys jump they are basically stranded until ground crews can work their way up to them. This job takes incredible strength, stamina, survival skills, and most importantly, balls.

jobs for men unexploded bombs handler

8. Unexploded Ordinance Handlers

Soldiers and police officers already have jobs that take guts, but what about the guys that specialize in unexploded ordinance.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought on a whole new kind of warfare that involves a lot of roadside bombs and other war torn countries have land mines from previous conflicts that are still a significant problem. If defusing a bomb doesn’t take balls of steel, then I don’t know what does.


9. High Voltage Cable Inspectors

This might not sound like that dangerous of a profession, but we have to consider where these high voltage lines run. Often on huge towering poles.

And how do they access these lines? By dangling from a helicopter. If swinging around hundreds of feet in the air isn’t enough, they have to deal with high voltage lines that carry a deadly amount of voltage. We all owe thanks to these ballsy guys who keep the lights on and our beer cold.


10. Storm Chasers

So, a big storms coming. Let’s batten down the hatches and ride this thing out while we have a beer and look out the window from the safety of our homes.

While everyone else does just this, storm chasers get busy and actively seek out tornadoes and other dangerous weather events. These guys risk their life so we can have a better understanding of these dangerous storms and improve early warning systems. Heading straight towards a tornado? Yeah. That takes balls.

Do you think you have what it takes to do these jobs? Assuming you have the balls the size of the bull your standing out in front of or the skyscraper your dangling from wiping windows then get yourself an application and ditch that boring desk. If not, well then you better stick to that desk job.