Pussyfication of men

Remember when men were men. Rugged and well built?

When men were protectors, providers, and problem solvers. When men, who would get shit done, didn’t winge about it if they broke a nail, messed up their hair, or got a blister, coz they had to do a job of work.

You know, real men?


Well, it’s not surprising. For me (and in my opinion) today’s society is not giving men the opportunity to learn the skills needed to grow into the king of the jungle. Instead, it’s breeding a bunch of politically correct pussies.

Today’s politically correct “let’s sit down and talk about it for a while” society only encourages the pussyfication of men.

Well, thank f**k for Gerald Pauschmann, the G-Man, to remind us of what real men are all about. And to tell it like it is…

Every real man should watch this video! Are we raising a generation of soft male SNOWFLAKES?

G-Man, we at MensWorldHQ are big fans. And here’s where you can subscribe to his channel

As G-man said in the video “the swipe left or right culture is replacing chivalry” and we can’t let it go on.

So, men… It’s time to man up, to, gird up your loins like a real man.

This is not a new idea, it’s from a time when men needed to be men. When their lives depended on it and well before political correctness reared it’s pretty pink head. It’s from the bible!

“Gird up thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.” JOB 38:3 in the King James Bible… It’s God’s way of telling you to man up.

So, if you ever feel your manliness being attacked by the soft words of the pretty pink politically correct parade, don’t stand for it, and yield to the word of God. The pussyfication of men must not be allowed to go on!