investing in electric cars

There is no doubt that in the not too distant future the only cars rolling off the car manufacturteres assembly lines will be electic battery powered cars. So, if you’re looking to invest some of your money to secure your financial future, the question is should we be investing in electric cars?

It sounds like a good idea, after it’s the future, and if there’s an opportunity to make ourselves financially comfortable, even well off, in our old age then it makes sense to do it now.

Who can you invest in? Here’s the top 7 manufacturers to date:


Tesla is the obvious number 1 but as the manufacture of electric vehicle gathers pace, we think they’ll be swollowed up by the big boys on the list.

So, rather than investing in the automotive sector or in the individual manufacturers them selves, the smart investor should look at what all of the manfacturers will need to produce their cars…

You guessed it


Investing in electric cars batteries

Even Elon Musk, who is a very smart man, knows that the real money to be made in the future is not necessarily in the cars themselves but in what powers them. But as us mean mortals are unlikely to have the Musk millions to gain a stake in the battery compaies themselves where do we start?

In this article on Investopedia they talk about the new battery technology investment opportunities, and here is their bottom line…

Batteries for power have always been important in the modern era. However, with the advent of mobile computing and electric cars, their importance will only continue to grow. Right now, for example, battery power packs account for more than half of the cost of a Tesla automobile.

Because of their growing importance, research into newer and better rechargeable batteries is gaining momentum. Lithium-air and lithium-metal batteries may prove to be the advancement that matters. If these technologies do end up paying off, investing in large companies involved in battery production, in pure-play lithium-ion manufacturers, or indirect exposure via lithium metal producers can help bolster a portfolio’s future performance.

Read the whole article here

These emerging technologies are always going to be a bit of a risk, but emerging they are, just like Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies they are here to stay and will become mainstream in no time. There is going to be a war between manufacturers, think back to the emergence of the videotape player and the war between Phillips, Betamax, and VHS, and you’ll see what I mean…

Get it right (or diversify your investments) and your future could be secure.