Invest in gold for beginners

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to start thinking about securing his future. Because let’s face it, time can be a cruel taskmaster on your body, and if you’ve got one of the top 10 jobs that need balls to do then retirement is something to look forward too.

That is of course if you’ve got enough money in the bank to live off. And that’s what I want to talk about here. Let me add a disclaimer here though, this just my personal opinion and is not financial advice.

But there is money to be made investing in gold and if you’ve got a few bucks to put by then it’s one of the top choices for investment opportunities. There are a few ways to invest in gold:

. Gold mining stocks
. ETF’s – Gold exchange-traded funds
. Buy actual physical gold – in the form of bars, bullion, coins, etc

And you can make money by helping other people to make money in gold too. More on that shortly…

But why Gold?

There’s Gold in them thar hills….


The beauty of gold is that the amount of it, like land, is limited. there’s only so much of it left to dig up, and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

And because it is finite, it will always have value and as it supplies starts to dwindle its value can only increase. Yes, that’s a long term view, but isn’t that what we’re talking about here, a retirement plan?

So, let’s take a long term view and look at the prices that Gold has been bought and sold for over the last 100 years

invest in gold for beginners, the 100 year gold prices chart
Gold Prices – 100 Year Historical Chart

You can see that there are and have been some pretty major and almost predictable trends. Now, obviously there’s always going to be other things that happen in the world that is going to affect the price and trends, but if you want to know how to invest in gold for beginners that’s a pretty good place to start.

So, like I said you could invest in EFT’s where you’re buying and selling Gold on the stock markets, and this is where an idea of where the price is going is a good indication as to when to buy and sell. If you’re new to the stock markets though DON’T go it alone, you’ll lose your shirt, ALWAYS speak to an expert broker before you sink some of your hard-earned into the stock markets.

Same goes for gold mining stocks. With mining stocks the mining companies you invest in often dig up other precious metals like silver and platinum, giving you an opportunity on those markets as well.

As for Gold coins, you can’t, or rather you shouldn’t run down to the nearest Gold coin store an buy a bag of them. You could of course and you can buy them off of some websites here on the internet. if you’re going to go this route DO YOUR HOMEWORK and research the company you’re looking to buy from. This is the internet after all and all that glitters sometimes isn’t gold – if you take my meaning. Essentially buyer beware.

And don’t forget if you’ve bought bullion or coins or physical gold you’ve got to have somewhere safe and secure to store it. You need to think about that as well (it costs!).

An alternative way to invest in gold for beginners

Now you can get the benefits of investing in Gold AND in a gold-backed cryptocurrency as both a customer and as an affiliate. What that means is if someone buys Gold through your affiliate link you get a percentage of the sale. Then you’ve got 2 choices you can either invest it back and buy more gold yourself or take the money.

And as more people join through your affiliate link the more money you’ll make and have to invest.

That’s how you invest in gold for beginners. If you’re interested then just have a look here, click play and watch the video. It’s inspiring and might just be what could secure your future.

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