11 Creative and Legal Ways to Make Money

ways to make money

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Many people stuck in the cycle of low-paying jobs often have to take on a second job to make ends meet, but why not consider the many creative and legal ways to make money. Here are eleven.

Make a Profit With Second Hand Items

different ways to make money

Focus on second-hand items like books to sell on auction sites like eBay. Even Amazon offers money for selected books through the Amazon Trade-In online system. Visit the local charity shops to buy cheap books, or visit a garage sale or car boot. Another good option is to sell second-hand CDs and DVDs, but double-check that the disc is in good condition before doing so. Both eBay and Amazon charge for items sold, and eBay also charges for listing an item, so to save money download apps like or, who will purchase books, DVDs and CDs, with free delivery included.

Bargain Hunt at Garage Sales or Charity Shops

Items like fine china, action man figures, and gemstone jewelry are popular items to look for at charity shops or garage sales to sell on for a profit. Another benefit of garage sales is the chance to negotiate on the price.

Find an Incredible Deal at Police Auctions

Lost items that are handed into the police station and not returned to their owner are sold at auction. Look for items of jewelry or popular technology like mobile phones, which will sell for considerably less than a new item and make you a tidy profit.

Written by Ryan F Perez

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